Purchase Alumni T-shirts here!

New alumni t-shirts are available this year for Homecoming and Spring Show!!




Shirts are a black ladies’ fit v-neck T-shirt with glitter lettering on the front, white lettering on the back.

(They run a bit small, so you may want to order a size up.)

Price is $30 for shirts with lettering on both sides, $25 for lettering on front only.  Orders will be taken through PayPal.

IMPORTANT!!! You must include your name, and t-shirt size in the comment box on the PayPal order form.   It is a generic PayPal donation form, and without this information, we won’t know what you are ordering.  On the “Review Your Donation Page”, click on the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” link.  An example is below:

Click on the + to open the comment box


Pay Pal 2

Deadline for orders is September 24th

Questions about the shirts?  Contact tdickson10@cox.net

Questions about PayPal?  Contact highstepperwebmaster@gmail.com

Order through PayPal here or click the “Donations” button on the upper right side of this screen.

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